Troop 88 is located in Parker, Colorado. We meet every Tuesday night from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. at the Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church (“PEPC”), in Parker. Our Troop is very active and we have something to offer scouts of any age and interest. Some of the activities we have planned this year include: Backpacking along the Colorado Trail, Camp Dietler summer camp, hiking and camping in Zion National Park in Utah, camping in Wyoming with a trip to Devil’s Tower, Hot Springs camping and climbing, other camporees, Klondoree, and to top it all off we will be going again to the grand poobah of all Scout camps, Philmont Scout Camp in New Mexico! In the past few years we have spent week-long summer camps in California at Cherry Valley camp on the beautiful Catalina island, Camp Loll in Wyoming with a side trip to Yellowstone National Park, Boundry Waters canoe trip in Minnesota and many more.

We have adult leaders with experience in all types of camping and outdoor activities including: climbing, canoeing, kayaking, backpacking, snow sports, archery, fishing, motor boating, rifle and shotgun shooting. The adult leaders help us put together the plans for our activities.

In the fall of each year we spend a weekend camp-out planning for the next years activities. From that planning weekend, we put together a monthly calendar with all of the next year’s activities laid out.

During our monthly meetings, the:

first Tuesday of the month is set aside for Advancements where we work on completing requirements to advance to the next level of scouting. Patrol leaders, Assistant Patrol leaders, and troop guides arrive 30 minutes before the meeting for PLC (Patrol Leaders Council) where all the patrol leaders get together and keep the troop on track to meet its goals for the upcoming month.

second Tuesday of the month is the Committee Meeting where all the parents get together and keep the troop on track to meet its goals for the upcoming month.

third Tuesday of the month is usually set aside to make preparations for the upcoming monthly camp-out.

fourth Tuesday of the month, we continue to work on scouting skills, advancement requirements and planning activities.

If there is a fifth Tuesday in the month, we have a troop fun night where we all go out and just have fun together.

Please feel free to come by and check us out, we always welcome anyone interested in joining in the fun! For further information, you may contact our Scoutmaster, Mr. Greg Schmidt at 303-229-7657.