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All Scouts are to bring the following items to ALL Troop meetings, including PLC.

Patrol Binders: with a notepad and pen.
(for those Scouts who have them. Those who don’t, we’ll help build them one)

* Please have your Scouts file these handouts in their binders. Please start having all Patrols take attendance.
* Please start a master sign in sheet for each meeting.
* Please be ready to discuss a weekly planning calendar as to what activity, speaker, game, etc that we will have at each Troop meeting; identify any outside Patrol meetings; day excursions; campouts, District and Council activities, etc.
* Work this with the Troop master calendar as well.
* Let’s build it out three months: eg. March thru May.
* GOAL: To help run a more organized meeting with FUN! and even some learning.

Uniform Dress Code: Clean Class A shirts with current rank sewn on. Not to be crumpled, dirty, hanging out the pants…with Scarf and slide.
Pants: clean jeans, blue or black or green pants. NO sport shorts, Bermuda shorts, sweats. Baseball caps will be worn properly and not like junior gangster wanna be’s.

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