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I will take the liberty to tag onto the Mayor’s message and say thanks to each one of you for being there, for having the beautiful Breakfast and for the wonderful award presented to Daniel. Joe, you are one in a billion, sir, for doing this. Pat, thanks for all the work you put into it. I’ve remarked to several people that you are so incredibly generous in so many ways. The very idea that you would nominate Daniel when I know you had a dozen Eagles last year in your own unit shows a unique generosity beyond human description. I know that I was amongst a collection of very, very choice people today, absolutely as good as ever came down the chute. Daniel was absolutely thrilled by what took place. He is very reserved, but he opened up on the way to school.YIS and God Bless all.

Curt Dale
Thank you for the invite. It was an honor.

David Casiano
Mayor Town of Parker
Gentlemen, I would like to take a minute and Thank You again for attending this morning’s breakfast to honor Daniel Dale, The 2009 Douglas County Scout of the Year. It was an honor to have you in attendance and again, Thank You for your support to the Boy Scouts.

Joe Skalisky

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