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It’s back for the second time! Call it what you want (ie winter camping, snow sport merit badge, A-basin family ski weekend), but it is fast approaching. Due to popular demand (ie. the J.L.C) we have more camping, more skiing, and more fun than last year.If you went last year you know how much fun you had so tell all those scouts who didn’t and make this another great turn out.
Now here are the details. The date is March 9,10,&11. We will plan on leaving Friday afternoon (9th) to arrive and camp that night in the last chance parking lot at A-basin. (eat on your own on the drive up). Ski on Saturday (10th). Pizza party, safety talk by the ski patrol and maybe a movie Saturday nigh in the lodge. Camp in the parking lot Saturday night. Ski on Sunday the 11th. Drive home that afternoon. For those that did not go last year the ski days will be filled with demonstrations put on by the Ski Patrol, working on the snow sport merit badge (MB) and free skiing with friends. Later as I firm up plans with A-Basin I will be sending out an itinerary for both days.
Now the big question, how much is this going to cost?  Since I work there, A-Basin is giving us some huge discounts. Of course if you have a seasons pass or you own equipment the cost will be less.
    Lift tickets     Adult (15+)    $37.00 per day
                        Child  (6-14)   $20.00 per day
    Rentals         Adult ski package                        $24.00 per day
                          (skies, boots, poles)
                        Adult snowboard package             $30.00 per day
                          (boots and board)
                         Helmets ( not included in above package)   $7.00 per day
                         Child ski package                        $15.00 per day
                        (Skies, boots, poles & helmet)
                         Child snowboard package             $21.00 per day
                        ( boots, board & helmet)
Pizza party     $6.00 per person
For breakfast and lunches, everyone is on their own.          $ ??.??
 ( still trying to work out a discount on lodge food and drink)
*** This year to get the discounts A-Basin needs us to submit paperwork and payment as a group, using the group forms. Therefor I need to pay for everyone in one payment to A-Basin. You must pay me in cash or a check made out to Steve Johnson for your total amount by March 6. If you do not pre pay, you will not get the discount and you are on your own for cost. (walk up window price is $74.00).
Forms   Of course the lawyers wouldn’t want us to have any fun with out filling out lots of forms. Any one under 18 in the T-88 group needs to fill out a A-basin medical authorization  and indemnification form. If you rent from A-Basin you must fill out a rental release form.And If you camp with us I will need a BSA medical form.
More info   BSA guidelines require all scouts to wear a helmet. Also like last year the “Buddy system” will be in effect. Also there will be mandatory roll calls through out the weekend. (the itinerary is to follow later). Since this is both a scouting event and a fun family weekend I will need to know who (scouts) camping Friday night and/or Saturday night. Also who is skiing Saturday and/or Sunday. Parents, please do not pick up your scout without checking out with me or one of my assistants. And finally, I am using my “In” with A-basin to get these great deals so please lets not ruin it for next year, so lets behave like the good upstanding scout we are. If you want to take the Snow sport MB just tell me if you will be skiing or snowboarding when you sign up. Also you should bring the worksheet with you because you will learn most of the answers that weekend.  Parents are welcome to camp with us. you must give me a medical form for you and have completed Y.P.T. If you don’t want to winter camp at 10,000 feet in a parking lot I might suggest that someone puts together a parent party down the road in Keystone at the Snake River Grill or at a condo somewhere!
Whats to follow   Later as I firm up plans with the food and beverage manager and the ski patrol director I will send out an Itinerary to everyone. Also I am traveling for work most Tuesdays this month so my son Scott Johnson will be sighing people up and collecting money and forms. If you can’t find Scott, Ms Grubb can also help you.
I know this is a long E-mail but I hope you are getting excited. I will be a lot of fun just like last years.
More Info will come at a later date.
Feel free to contact me with any question.

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