Scribe Notes, 2-21-12

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Hello Everyone!

Here are the scribe notes from tonight’s meeting.

Mr. Johnson gave an update on the A-Basin skiing and camping weekend.  He has sent a lot of information to the Troop 88 chat already.  This year we are camping two nights, Friday and Saturday.  Saturday night is a pizza party and a meeting on avalanche and snow safety.  The ski patrol will give the presentation.  We may watch a movie that night too.  We have to pay for the trip before we go to get the discounts.  If you didn’t pay Mr. Johnson tonight, pay his son next week or Mrs. Grubb will be helping collect money too.  The costs are in his email to Troop 88 chat.

Okpik has been changed to March 16, 17 and 18.  It is at Tahosa.

Klonderee is this weekend.  Make sure you have all of your winter camping stuff ready.  There will be LOTS of snow there.

March 6th is the spring Court of Honor.  It is also troop elections.  Make sure to send your resume to Mr. Ski if you want a leadership spot.  If you don’t know what a resume is, Mr. Ski said it tells him who you are, what you do and why you want to be in the leadership spot.

Mr. Freund talked about Tahosa summer camp.  He sent some information to the troop chat about it.  He will send more information when he has it.  We may do more hiking this year at Tahosa and we may do wilderness survival.

Don’t forget that RoundTable and the OA Chapter meeting is the first Thursday of every month.  The meetings are at the LDS Church near Ponderosa high school.

Mr. Ski said he has received one resume so far.  If you want to be a leader for 88, send him your resume.  He also said that we got a great letter from the church about Scout Sunday.  Thanks to everyone who helped.  It was fun making donuts and serving them.

Morgan Miller is the Pioneer Trails Scout of the Year for 2012.  There will be a breakfast tomorrow at the PACE Center in Parker for the Scout of the Year.

Friends of Scouting information has been sent to Troop 88 chat.  Please try to donate before the Court of Honor.  The money really helps Scouting and we all really like Scouting!

Jack T.
Troop 88 Scribe

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