Scribe Notes 2-28-12

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Mr. Murphy said a prayer for the Milerowski family.

Mr. Ski said some words about Mr. Millerowski.  Mr Ski said how much of a great guy he was and even told us a story about how when Mr. Millerowski was new to 88 he came out and helped Mr. Ski fix his motor home in the pouring rain with lightning all around them.  That made it so Mr. Ski could take his motor home on the Green River trip.

Mr. Ski also said the District Dinner is coming up.  He put in for Outstanding Scouter for some of the leaders so you get a free dinner for your one hour a week volunteering.

No more fires for a little while.  We need to let the grass grow back.  We shouldn’t have had a fire on the grass.

Tonight was Jonathan Bender’s birthday.  Happy Birthday!

Scott Johnson told us to get him money and medical forms if we are going to A-Basin.  You only have next week left to pay if you are going.

Next week is the Court of Honor and Troop Elections.  Bring cookies, LOTS OF COOKIES, for the Court of Honor.  Make sure you send Mr. Ski your resume if you want a leadership position.

Tonight we worked on Pioneering skills.  If you did stuff, make sure you get your books signed off if you need the requirements.

Mr. Bender talked about Klonderee.  It was really, really cold!  We had lots of fun.  We earned our polar bear awards for sleeping in below zero two nights in a row.

Tonight we also had the OA call out for the scouts who were nominated for OA.  Say Hi to the new OA guys.  Brandon Garin, Jackson Grubb, Jeffrey Honeycutt, Nick Jackson, Nick Mansfield and Andy Moncier all are now in OA.

Paster McCusker from PEPC said another prayer for the Millerowski family.

Mr. Ski reminded us all to help one another and to remember to tell our little brothers or sisters and moms and dads that we love them.

Jack T.
Troop 88 Scribe

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