Scribe Notes 10/23/12

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Hey guys these are the notes from tonights meeting.

We made woggles which is always fun.
Mr. Ski was out sleeping with the elk (a.k.a. hunting) so Mr. Schmit was our scout master tonight.
We had 8 weeblo visitors.
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the last, absolute last nights to haunt ever, ever, ever in the troop scary maze so make sure to sign up or just show up if you can’t sign up.
Braiden O. told us about theĀ  9cares thing so thanks to everyone who’s participating in that, it helps homeless people.
The fun night is un decided so look for a upcoming email in the next few days about it.
The weeblos open house is Octobe 27, soon so don’t forget to email one of the ASPLs or the SPL about what you want to talk about or do.
25 year anniversary of troop88 coming up so Mr. Stern is coming up with a big patch for it, it will be about $3.49 so bring 4 to 5 dollars for shipping if you want it.

The meeting didn’t have much so that is why this is so short.
Jack Townsend, Scribe

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