Scribe Notes 1/22/2013

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Hey guys  these are tonights scribe notes from tonight.

– The Klonderee meeting was tonight, patrols were formed and food for the weekend was chosen. If you were not at the meeting to get a patrol tonight then you have been assigned one of the three patrols.
– If you are not sure if you  E-Mail Mr. Garin to see if you are still in the troop.
– If you plan on going to Rockin’ & Jammin’ you need to fill out the waiver from their website unless you regularly go there.
– February 9 is the MB college, sign up be February 2 by sending an E-Mail to Mrs. Moncier.
– Stepping back at bit to February 4 there will be a few new scouts crossing over, we need 8 scouts I think though I do not know who you contact if you would like to help.
– Aaron (the chaplains aide) created a prayer box, where you can put in a specific prayer you would like him to do for family and friends.
– It’s the Year of the Knot and adults wish older scouts to assist the younger scouts with the knots, and for the younger scouts to ask for the help.
– Mr. Ski got a nice present of all his scouting experiences.
– Troop 88 got two ‘the best’ awards: the best place to take your kids, and the best non profit organization.
– February 10, the weekend after Klonderee is Scout Sunday, it’s super fun and we need lots of scouts, we’ll be making donuts again.
My congratulations to Mr. Schmidt on his first meeting as the Scout Master.

Jack Townsend

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