Annual 14er Hike – Mt. Sherman

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Our annual 14er hike is getting closer.  I hope everyone has been keeping in shape this summer!

This year we will be climbing 14,036′ Mt Sherman near the towns of Fairplay & Alama.  The hike will be 5.25 miles RT and 2,100ft of elevation gain.  Every 14er is challenging, but this one is one of the “easiest” 14ers.  For reference it will be easier than Grays and Torreys that we did last year.  For those boys who just can’t get enough summits, there are also two 13er’s nearby that can be climbed in the same hike.

Link to the mt and route we will be taking:
Dates and Times
Depart: Friday August 9th at 5:30pm (Park and Ride Lincoln & Jordan)
Hike:  Saturday August 10th Mt Sherman
Return: Sunday August 11th around 12pm.

We will be camping two nights so please bring your normal overnight gear which includes but is not limited to: tent, sleeping bag and pad, toiletry items, bug spray, etc.  If you do not wish to camp both nights you are still welcome to hike with us on Saturday, however historically it has been difficult to meet up with the group.

Each year when we hike in this area, Mr. Lutz graciously allows us to camp on his property near Alma.  He has extended this offer again.  This is primitve camping with no water and no facilities.

Patrols and Meals
We will be having a break out session closer to the hike and divide into patrols to doing meal planning.

Medical Forms
The standard BSA medical form (Parts A & B) for every scout and every adult planning on going are required.  As soon as you know you will be going please get me the form.  

Adults and Drivers
Adults who can help drive and for “two deep leadership” are needed.  Scouts if you ride with an adult (other than your parent), it’s always nice to provide the driver with a little money ($5-$10) for gas.

If you know you will be attending this event please email me now so I can get you on the roster.  I am traveling most of the month of July so I will not be at many of the Troop meetings.

What to wear hiking:

  • Hat with brim
  • Sunglasses
  • Broken in hiking boots with wicking socks
  • Pants (removable leggings) or shorts and something windproof for legs.
  • Daypack containing:
    • 10 essentials
    • 1-2 liters of water
    • Polar fleece or light jacket
    • Light waterproof rain parka
    • Lightweight gloves for warmth
    • Sunscreen, chapstick
    • Bugspray
    • Medicine for headache and stomach ache
    • Snacks – high protein (granola, trail mix, jerky, power bars, etc.)
    • Camera (optional)


How to Prepare:

  • Get in shape!  The better shape you are in the higher your chances are of making the summit.  Any activity is good, but especially biking, hiking and running.
  • Start drinking lots of fluids 1 to 2 days before the hike; the more the better!!  This does not mean soda! 
  • Eat a high carb meal such as pasta the night before and bananas the morning of the hike. 
  • Drink and snack frequently during the hike and before you feel hungry or thirsty
  • One or more of the boys might decide to turn around and that’s ok. Climbing 14ers is hard! 

Any other questions please let Mr. Buckingham know.

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