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money Our treasure – Mrs. Wilhelm has King Soopers gift certificates for sale: for every $100.00 purchased the youth earns $5.00 for his scout account. An easy way to earn money for scouting activities.

Dues must be current by summer camp: $5.00/month.
Peaceful Valley Summer camp final payment of $70.00 is due on 05/19/09. The total cost is $210.00.
Boundary Waters final payment of $150.00 is past due unless prior arrangements have been made with me. The projected total cost there is $800.00.
And unless someone else (Mr. Jerry Davis or Mr. Randy Davis) has mentioned it, we need more adults to come help with the Peaceful Valley camp-June 28 to July 4: even if they can only come down for a day or two. There are 37 boys signed up right now and for more than half, this is their first week long away camp. We need the adult supervision. Please contact either Jerry or Randy Davis and include their phone numbers.

Mrs. Wilhelm

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