08-25-15 Scribe Notes

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There was nothing new at tonights meeting so here are the notes for all the important events that are coming up. The location for the court of honor on 9/27 has been announced below.
Brian Rooney asked if anyone took photos of the Heyman fire project please email them to him.
Sept 1 – PLC Meeting at 6pm, Troop Meeting at 6:30pm
Sept 15- Merit badge deadline. Be sure to have all your merit badges signed off on by this time and turned in to Mr. and Mrs. Yost.
Sept 15 – New Scouts!! This is also the deadline to turn in your Akela Badge paperwork. You must have earned Tenderfoot by this date in order to get your Akela award. Contact Mr. Stearns if you need new forms or have questions.
Sept 18-20 – Fall Camporee. It costs $25. MOTIVATE YOUR PATROLS TO GO TO CAMPOREE! Contact Mr. Stearns if you want to go. We have about 40 scouts and 11 adults attending so far. This is the 50th anniversary of PV!!!! This is a big deal. Look for more info as we get closer to the event because we want a group of scouts to attend and show how GREAT T88 is for all the webelos who are looking for a troop. They are expecting 5,000 scouts. If you didn’t already know, Camporee only happens every four years!  Technically it is too late to get your reservation in but they will take your info still if you want to go, but only for a very short time.
Sept 22- Troop Elections! This is the last meeting before court of honor. Get your resumes in to Mr. Schmidt if you’re going for a leadership position.
Sept 27- Court of honor. Potluck BBQ. Bayou Gulch park near Sagewood Middle school.
The one-piece Troop 88 shoulder patches are available for $4 each. See Mr. Stearns
Tonight Mr. Brown entertained us with a Beat the Leader challenge and asked anybody to try and beat him in a knot tying competition where the challenger would choose the knot. Andy Moncier and Eli Brown were the first to take the challenge. Andy blew Mr. Brown away with his one handed boline knot by tying it in 7 seconds where Mr. Brown had done it in 35. When he tried again, Mr. Brown tied it in 6. Eli then chose the square knot. The time was close but Mr. Brown ended up beating Eli by .4 seconds

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