09-22-15 Scribe Notes

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The Court of Honor is Sunday at Bayou Gulch Park next to Sagewood Middle School. There is a sign up genius already out to sign up for bringing desserts and sides, we will start at noon. Be sure to bring lawn chairs. Please  also wear full class A uniform including sash!
We have a new bugler!!!! Thank you Ted Murphy it has been a while since we had a bugler at any of our meetings.
9/29 Р Troop fun night. This is a fith Tuesday, making it a fun night. Look for an email from Ranger Patrol for the activity. Details to come.
Here are the results of tonight’s election:
SPL is Zach Miller.
ASPL’s are Andrew Schmidt and Spencer Stearns.
Quartermaster is Bo Tomsic
Scribe is Reyley Paynter
Librarian is Will Westfall
Bugler is Ted Murphy
Chaplains aid is Brian Rooney
Webmaster is Eli Brown
Historian is undecided at the moment. If you want this job you will have to explain this job Mr. Schmidt and find a way to make the job different from webmaster. One suggestion from Mrs. Grubb was for someone to gather up old photos and make slidshows for future events.
Mr. Brown did a beat the leader challenge on showmanship. They all told jokes and riddles. Mr.Brown won (secretly Trace won).
Mr. Stearns has extra copies of the books and patches that were given out at camporee. See him if you didnt get yours.

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