10-06-15 Scribe Notes

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We also welcome our new Senior Leaders for this 6th month term!

     New Patrol Leaders remember you are required to:
          Send patrol notes, Notify APL, SPL, and MR. Schmidt if you miss a PLC, attend every
          PLC, and to have regular patrol meetings. Good luck to you all!!
Remember that we now are required to wear our neckerchiefs for the next 6 months
     Okpik is here and while more details are to come here is what we know-
         13 year olds and up and must be at least First Class
          And you must let Mrs. Grubb know that you will be there BY FRIDAY
27th of October there will be a mask contest, more details to come
And Finally thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make the Court of Honor possible!!!


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