Crew 88 Tubing the Yampa on July 11th

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Members and Friends of Crew 88,

As we discussed at the last crew meeting, we have an opportunity and an interest to go tubing on the Yampa river through Steamboat Springs the weekend of July 11th.

You will recall we previously planned to go this weekend on June 27th, until we learned that tubing is not allowed until the water drops to 600 CFS. The gauge at shows it hasn’t even dropped below 1,000 CFS yet, so that was a good decision to reschedule for July 11th.

I have reserved 4 campsites at Steamboat Lake State Park for July 10-12 for our trip to go tubing on the Yampa on July 11th. We can put 6 people in each site, so there is room for 24 to start with. There are still a few sites left if we need more later, and I needed to at least get a reservation for those. I hope that is OK.

Steamboat Lake State Park is a little north of Steamboat Springs. It’s a beautiful lake where we can enjoy kayaking and fishing the rest of the time when we aren’t tubing the Yampa. The alternative at Stagecoach Lake was out in the barren sagebrush, and the areal photographs just were NOT appealing. I admit that Steamboat Lake is farther out of town, but it should be a lot better.

I’ll need another adult, and we’ll need adult drivers, so, parents, this is a fabulous opportunity to enjoy scouting in the summertime. (OR, do you want to hold out for that frozen winter-camping Klondoree torture weekend?)

Tube rental is $17. (See also We’ll want to make a budget for the campsites, food, and maybe some gas support at the next meeting.

Will you be interested to join us?
Please let me know, and I’ll get a list started.

And/or let me know if I can talk about that more.
Steve Cable

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