2009 Popcorn Sales!

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It’s time for popcorn!!!

I volunteered to be the popcorn Kernel for the year. I may regret it later, but I promise I will do my best to get fully up to speed so please be patient. I did want to get out some information to get everybody going. There are three basic ways the sales will happen.

This technique allows the scouts to send e-mails out to family and friends to generate online sales. It is ideal to get those not so geographically close relatives with a minimal effort. The steps involved are to:

1. Register yourself in the system. Go to: https://www.trails-end.com/trailsend/scouts/login_register1.jsp
2. Follow the instructions. It takes two screens of relatively harmless information. The first is create a new account. The basics are you’re in a Troop, the Troop # is 88, and the zip code is 80134. Birth date, parent/guardian, and parent/guardian e-mail address. The second screen is profile creation. Focus on the “*”. You’ll get a confirmation e-mail, follow the instructions and you are there. (Hopefully you won’t have problems. I tried myself and haven’t been able to finish the process, but I believe it is because I am using the same log-in e-mail for the Troop).
3. You can then send e-mails and take orders. It should all go through the system and the orders are delivered. Sounds good in theory. I haven’t tried it all the way yet so hopefully all goes smoothly, but if not let me know. I should be able to see what happens through my log in. You can also tell people just to visitwww.trails-end.com.

The Troop will participate in the Show ‘n’ Sale this year, but this is a scout option. You will need to do steps 1 and 2 under from above and then you can put in your request. The Troop will try to work with scouts who have excess, but there are no guarantees so order carefully. In placing your order consider the following:

1. Appropriate inventory – I would suggest keeping mostly with the microwave popcorn and if you feel good try a few small tins. Some of the bigger items are tough sales and those are the ones that will likely be difficult for you to turn back in. I must emphasize that this is an order that you are placing and you will be responsible for selling everything you buy.
2. Deadline – You need to have your orders in by August 18th. Not much time so you need to make a decision quick. If you can’t setup the Internet in time give me your orders at the meeting on the 18th and I will do my best to get all of the product ordered. I will bring a sign-up sheet to the meeting so you can easily just give me the orders on Tuesday.
3. Setting up a store location can be huge. Lowes, King Soopers, etc. will usually let you sale, but you need to talk with the store manager to arrange a time. You may want to work with your fellow troop members as this is best done with 3-4 scouts.
4. Door to door is an option. Since you have some product with you the sale is immediate and final. If they want something you don’t have you can always keep their information and do a door to door sale later.
5. I will pick up the orders on August 29th. Depending on the participation I will likely need some help picking up the orders. Especially if you order a large quantity please help as I will be buried. I am not quite sure how we will distribute, but I am thinking we will bring it over to the church for pickup on Saturday the 30th. I will ask for you to sign a confirmation to protect the Troop.
6. Have them make checks payable to Troop 88. Cash of course is always best.

This is the traditional take the order form from house to house and collect orders. At the end you bring the form back and we put the orders in the system, pickup the popcorn and then you deliver and collect after the fact. A few things to consider:

1. Unlike Show ‘n sale there is no preorder and no risk of inventory since you don’t have any. The only real risk is that you are selling after others so orders may be more limited.
2. You can start taking orders October 1st and last day to submit the form back to the Troop is October 26th. Product from the Troop will be picked up November 7th and available for pickup from me shortly thereafter. It may take a few days to sort depending on the size.
3. Money needs to be paid to the council by 12/2 so realistically we will need collections about 7-10 days before this date.

With all of that out of the way I’m sure the question that is on your mind is why should I participate. This is completely voluntary so the incentive is $$$ and Troop 88 lets the scouts keep all of the profits. I am not sure on the final percentage, but it will be at least 30%. A few thoughts – $300 in sales pays Troop dues and registration for the year, $700 pays for Peaceful Valley, etc. The long and short is it can go a long way to self-sufficiency and create a sense of accomplishment for the boys not to mention cut the parents pocket book a break. It is also a good exposure to business management.

I will make regular Troop announcements for the next several meetings so if you have questions ask them when I make the announcement or drag me to the side during the meeting and I will be happy to answer them anytime.


David Garin

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