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Subject: Altare Dei session beginning at St. Thomas More – first meeting on September 20, 3 pm

Catholic Scouts (and parents/guardians) interested in earning the Ad Altare Dei during 2009-2010 religious awards cycle:

What, When, Where:
An Ad Altare Dei (AAD) orientation and introduction meeting for Boy Scouts (and their parents) will be held at St Thomas More (STM) on Sunday, September 20 from 3 pm to 5:15 pm at the school cafeteria.    Signs will be posted; the school is located behind church.

Key points:

  1. Eligibility: Catholic Boy Scouts who have completed the 6th grade (regardless of troop or parish).
  2. Scouts:  please attend in uniform as this a scouting activity, and you are setting an example for other Catholic scouts.
  3. I will end this session on time for those who wish to STM 5:30 pm mass.
  4. The first 30 minutes or so sets the expectations of the program – I would ask parents to stay for that part – and then jump I will into Section One: Introduction.
  5. Also, please bring your Scout Handbook, bible, pen/pencil, and AAD Scout Manual.  (Note:  The AAD Scout Manual is available at the Boy Scout Shop – don’t buy the Counselor’s and Review Guide, or online at   If you don’t yet have the AAD Scout Manual, or just want to learn about the program, no problem, just ring paper too and prepare to take notes so you can capture requirements to fill in later.

Key dates to put on calendars now–additional AAD meetings will also be scheduled:

September 20       
First meeting

October 10            
Scouting Religious Award Retreat (registration attached) Note: For AAD candidates attending the Retreat expect the section on Holy Orders to be covered.  I don’t spend time on this in class.

January 23 (Colorado Springs) or January 30 (Parker)   
Boards of Review

February 7            
Scout Sunday (awards presented or available)

By way of this email, I am extending an invitation to others who want to earn this Catholic Scouting award.  I am looking forward to the Retreat as well – feel free to share the flyer with other scouts.

Questions?  Please call or respond.

Yours in Catholic Scouting,

Matt Maranto
Chair, Scouting Religious Awards
Arapahoe District, Denver Area Council
Philmont 2009 – Denver Area contingent
Trek 4 Lead Advisor

Assistant Scoutmaster 2 (Quartermaster), Troop 910
Denver Area Council
2010 National Jamboree

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