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Attention Scouts interested in the Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge Class.

Please remember we are planning on meeting NEXT Tuesday, the 10th of November starting at 6:30. We are planning on meeting in the trailers. Please be a few minutes early, we have lots to cover.

Here are a few things you need to do to be prepared for this class.

1. bring the merit badge worksheet with you
2. bring a writing utensil for note taking
3. bring a merit badge book with you if you have it. The troop has a few to loan but not enough for everyone. The parker library is another good resource for finding these books.

We will be covering item #4 the Declaration of Independence and the bill of rights, #5, and #7 the three branches of government. If you have additional resources on these topics please bring those to share as well. It will make the class much more interesting.

You will be responsible for:
Item #1- can be done easily between now and Tuesday.
Item #2- We will co-ordinate a trip soon- lets talk about ideas on Tuesday.
Item #3- I will try to have articles available Tuesday, but we will probably run out of time so you might want to watch the evening news for 5 nights and write your comments on your worksheets
Item #6-Chose a speech and answer the questions about it- we will have suggestions Tuesday, but if you come with this done- All the better
Item #8- you will need to write a letter to either your senator or representative.

See you Tuesday. Please email me with any questions or concerns at

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