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Hello 88,

Our Court of Honor is coming up and we usually conduct our Friends of Scouting Campaign that evening. I would like to free up a little time that night for the awards so I would like to solicit your pledge now.
I will have pledge cards and special award patches Tuesday night. So please contibute to this worthy cause.
The cost for each of OUR SONS to be a Scout in the Denver Area Council is $150.00. I would hope we can at least cover the expenses.

Remember why I support this cause: The money stays here for our boys. It does not go elsewhere. It goes to camp equipment, supplies,remodeling,programs,…at Tahosa, PV, Magness…all the places our boys benefit from.

We were one of the top troops in Council last year with that expectation again this year. If your company matches your contribution, please remember to note that on the card.

I would like to see every one of us and our sons to wear these special shoulder patches.

Thank you for your generous contribution

Thank you,
Joe Skalisky

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