New Scout Campout, April 29th/30th @ the PEPC Firepit

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New Scout Campout, April 29th/30th @ the PEPC Firepit – Mr. Bepristis is planning our campout,

         This is a learning weekend for the boys.  Parents are invited and encouraged to come campout with us.  We may put you to work however!

         Boys, read pages 39-41 in your handbook.  There’s a place for you to record this weekend’s campout.  You might also want  to read about camping, first aid and being outdoors.

  1. Arrive around 5:00pm in CLASS A UNIFORM with Class B or teeshirt underneath.  Have the boys fed before arrival – NO DINNER IS PLANNED.  The boys will select their campsites, put their site together.  We’ll have a Crackerbarrel event that evening (skits/songs) and discussion of the weekend.
  2. Saturday morning the boys will be doing multiple learning stations.
  3. Home after 5:00pm.

Items he’ll need:

  1.    1 or 2 boys need to bring a tent
  2.    Boy Scout Handbook (remember it goes to every scouting event you attend)
  3.    Sleeping bag for camping out (doesn’t need a 0 degree, but 30 degree he’d be warmer)
  4.    Sleeping pad
  5.    Extra change of clothing (don’t be surprised if he doesn’t change his clothes, just throw him in the shower when he gets home).
  6.    Comfortable hiking shoes or boots.
  7.    Mess kit
  8.    Water Bottle
  9.    Flashlight
  10.    10 essentials (have him look in the book)
  11.    First Aid kit – I have some extraneous items he might add
  12.    If he takes a knife he will not be using it and it should not be visible until he earns his Totem Chip, which will happen this weekend.
  13.    Great attitude!  This is the beginning of his Trail to Eagle.  Having a eager attitude makes all our adventures so much more fun.

Other things you might be looking at investing in for future campouts (Peaceful Valley).

  1. Good sleeping bag
  2. Good cot
  3. Wool socks
  4. Swimsuit
  5. Daypack
  6. 10×10 tarp
  7. Rubbermaid or Sterilite Footlocker (water proof)
  8. Raingear (pants & jacket)  

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