Scribe Notes 4/19/11

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Scribe Notes 4/19/2011

April 26th –Troop meeting
April 29th – April 30th– New Scout Camp-out
May 3rd – PLC/Troop meeting
May 17th – Swim Check- TENTATIVE
May 21st – Alpine Slide- TENTATIVE (Road Runners?)
May 24th –LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!- Troop Meeting
May 25th –Denver Mint Tour- TENTATIVE
May 27th– 29th Veedavoo Camp-out
May 30th -Memorial day
May 31st -Fun Night
June 2nd –Roundtable
June 4th -Go Carting- TENTATIVE- (Duct Tape?)
June 7th –PLC/Troop Meeting
June 8th -Cave of winds-TENTATIVE- (Rattlesnakes?)
June 11th -Geocaching/Orienteering- TENTATIVE
June 14th –Committee Meeting
June 19th – 25th Tahosa
June 21st -Troop Meeting
June 26th – July 2st Peaceful Valley
June 28th -Troop Meeting

 A. Moncier, Troop 88 Scribe

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