Coin Collecting Merit Badge

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There is an opportunity for the boys to earn the coin collecting merit badge.  There are two portions and you need to attend both in order to earn the entire merit badge.

1)  5:00-6:00pm Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at PEPC.  A representative from the Denver Mint will come to PEPC to give a presentation and work on the merit badge.

2)  10:30 am Wednesday, July 13th for a tour of the Denver Mint.  We have a maximum of 40 spots for the tour so I would like to restrict this to scouts and chaperones only.  Don’t be late, the tour starts promptly.  There is no drop off in front of the mint and parking can be problematic so give yourself plenty of time.  There is a gift shop.  Please let me know if you can drive.  Wear your class A uniform.  RSVP to me if you would like to attend.

3)  Prerequisites are items #5, #6, #9

Thank you.

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