2013 – Year of the Knot

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For those of you who are up to the challenge, 2013 is Troop 88’s “Year of the Knot”.  If you would like more information on this challenge, click on the link below and good luck!


2013 – Year of the Knot!

Volunteer for Adventure Base 100!!!!

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Hey Troop 88, Adventure Base 100 will be in Denver at the Taste of Colorado September 3rd – 6th, 2010!!!!!!

Millions of people will be able to witness and experience Scouting like never before! Created specifically for the 100th Anniversary, Adventure Base 100 will tour the country to give people an exciting, hands-on view of the history and future of the Boy Scouts of America.

If you would like to volunteer to assist at Adventure Base 100, sign up now!

Go to the following link & sign up:


In the News

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Here is the link to the news coverage of the boys from 9/5/09 Saturday (click on the link, then search for “Boy Scouts Assemble Mini Flags For Troops Overseas”:
The boys all did an awesome job!!!  Pretty cool… Troop 88 is the best.

Vedauwoo 2009 Camping Report

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– Article by Jason Rice
This annual camping spot always has hidden surprises. This year we experienced “rain”. On Saturday morning, Mr. Krey, troop Climbing Instructor, reviewed the equipment and helped new scouts try on the equipment. Mr. Bender, troop Climbing Instructor, taught a Climb On Safely class to the new adults. Mr. Rice, Lead Climbing Instructor, set up the first level climb and rappel. As soon as the climbing area opened, the rain began to fall.
Generally, rain just comes and leaves. However, the clouds rolled and the fog, drizzle and rain stayed throughout the day and into the evening. Sunday morning started with fog and a light drizzle. However, God prepared a break in the gloom, and allowed us to climb & rappel through the day.

Many of the families stayed to enjoy a late night campfire. All in all, most campers had a good time. A few went home a little soggy, but at least enjoyed making the trip. Vedauwoo holds beautiful landscape and some people had to wait to actually see the rock outcrops after the clouds lifted on Sunday morning.

Pictures from the Vedauwoo Campout can be seen here: http://picasaweb.google.com/colagrl/May2009#

Kenosha Pass Winter Camping Report

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Hello Troop,

We had a great group of scouts to attend the Kenosha Pass Campout this past weekend.
If you were not there, you missed a great time. Friday evening we all gathered and headed west towards the High Country. An uneventful travel route later and we were pulling into the campsite. With some snow on the ground the scouts took a few minutes to determine our base camp location, and then the setting up of tents started. At the same time the fire ring was brought out with a nice cozy campfire started for those who had finished setting up their tents. It didn’t take long for Troop 88 to make a happy campsite up at 10k feet, and songs were beginning be be sung around the fire, and not long after the population migrated from the fire to the cozy tents and sleeping bags.
A wonderful night of sleep later I awoke to the sounds of scouts starting to wake up. It was pretty cold that morning, so even the leaders were a bit slower than normal getting out of the warm cocoon of the bags. As the troop started to unload the trailer and making breakfast (eggs in a bag by the scouts, and steak biscuits for the adults) I took a look at the thermostat I set out the night before. It read -5 degrees F! So our scouts had earned their Polar Bear!

What a great way to start the day. Unfortunately there was not enough of the white stuff to make snow caves, but our Scouts came through with some fantastic alternatives, one of which being snow forts for a snowball war! The preparations took a break for lunch and the occasional scouting for firewood by the patrol. The snowball war started in the early afternoon and from what I can tell ended in a cease fire (however the scouts may say different). Soon it was getting time for the cooks to start dinner and stoves and charcoal was fired up. I’m hoping the patrol has started a new routine of some serious good dutch oven cooking, because the baked ziti with sausage they prepared looked like the kind of dish that would take a blue ribbon somewhere! The remainder of the evening was spent enjoying the company of others around the fire ring, and eating some dutch-oven desert. Dishes were cleaned and stowed, scouts started to slowly head from the warmth of the fire to the sleeping bags. Soon there were snores coming from the tents as many very warm scouts were snuggled down in their sleeping bags.

The troop arose to a balmy 20 degrees morning and started to tear down camp, and made sure we left the campground better than when we found it. By mid morning everything was stowed and ready to head down the hill. Thanks to the Scouts, Mr. Buchart, and Mr. Griffin for making this campout possible!

Photos are uploaded to the site with a direct link of the group here:

Mr. Laster
Official Cold Weather Camper 🙂