Tahosa Summer Camp

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We are getting down to the final run for Tahosa Summer Camp, here are the details:
I have included the contents of the earlier e-mail because all of that is still current.

So far the full-time adults attendees are Mr. Schultz and myself with Mr. Ramirez possibly part-time (depends on baby). Another adult would be great even if only for part-time ESPECIALLY for Friday!

On Friday I have a conflict and need to be at a Douglas County Emergency Management Event if at all possible. It runs 8-5 so if an adult could come up Thursday and stay through Friday evening or Saturday that would be great.

We will need more drivers for equipment. My vehicle will be limited so will need at least a pickup truck load for my stuff as well. If you can drive please e-mail me ASAP!

I will be brining my personal chuck box which is very large and heavy as well as the shelter, dutch ovens, fire wood, etc. We will meet at PEPC on Sunday the 17th at 10:00 with a departure time of 10:30.

URGENT: I need the phones numbers of the parents for each of the boys and their e-mails, obviously I have some e-mails but never got any phones number. I need those immediately.

Only two Medical Forms have been received so far. We will need all of those no later than 6/12/12.  We have a fun night tonight so some may not be there and I will not be at that as well.  The preferred method to get the Medical Forms would be electronic, scan it and send it to my e-mail address. If you do not want to do that then provide the hard copy, I will scan it and return the original to you. This way you keep the original for future use and I can print them whenever necessary. Special medical or dietary needs need to be communicated ASAP so we can make proper arrangements at Tahosa.

Boys MUST wear Class A Uniform for travel and “flags”. This includes scarf. We only have 8 boys going this time so one patrol and on the 12th they will elect a patrol leader so all boys need to be present on that date.

We should try to set up tent groups as soon as possible, I can bring a tent large enough for four if necessary but even if we all are in two-person tents we should not have more than 6 (4 for boys, 2 for adults). We will control where they set up a bit better this time as we have a few that decided to set up far from the rest of the troop and we won’t do that this time. It rained pretty hard and long the first night last time and the camp ranger said it almost always rains at some point so I would suggest each tent have an additional tarp for over the tent because after several hours of rain they began to soak through.

Obviously the boys need to have ponchos! It can still be cold up at camp so make sure boys are prepared for it.

It would also be suggested that the boys bring cots this time, this will get them well off the ground if it does rain, they will also be more comfortable especially if they will include a pad with it. They will need the pad for the mini-trek as well.

The boys might want to consider brigning all their stuff in a single (one only one) tote box, easier to contain and less chance of getting wet. They will still need a fanny pack for around camp, they boys should always have water with them, and a backpack for the mini-trek

We will not have a lodge again this year but will have a new 10’x20’ (garage) shelter we will use just like last time.

The list of Merit Badges is listed below and only one response has been received as to preferences. Need those ASAP! Each boy should select several in priority order. They will be spending most of their time with COPE and the mini-trek but the evenings and Friday will be open for Merit Badges. Strongly suggest the water options for Friday. We still plan on a game and treat night, probably for Thursday, dutch oven deserts, ball of ice cream, etc. If anyone has particular games they want to recommend or bring please let me know.

It is recommended that boys do not bring electronics, too easy to lose or get damaged.

There is a camp store and the boys always hit that pretty hard so if sending money please don’t send a lot, less heartache when they lose it!

Swim tests, we will probably have to do these at camp so make sure the boys have their swim suits easily accessible because we will do that right after check in.

There will be an emergency drill Sunday night.

There is fishing if any boys wants to bring equipment.

Meals will be in the dining hall except for the mini-trek.

Things TO BRING:
Tent (shared)
Sleeping Bag
Light Blanket
Pillow (?)
Sleeping Pad
10 Essentials
Fanny Pack
Swim Suit
Class A Uniform (scarf!)
Sun Screen
Water Bottle
Extra Shoes
Flip-Flops/Water Shoes
Chair Ground Cloth/Tarp
Ditty Kit (showers)
T-Shirts (watch slogans!)
Hiking Boots
First Aid Kit (Fanny Pack)
Sun Glasses
Insect Repellant
Tote Box

CD Player
Game Boys
Electronic Toys
Too Much Money

I know there are still questions, Please Call Me,
Mr. Freund! 720-351-7096

New Scout Campout

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New Scout Campout is coming up, May 4, 5 &6 near Castlewood Canyon.  All new scouts are HIGHLY encouraged to attend to work on rank advancements Tenderfoot through 1st Class and have loads of fun!  A sign up sheet will be at the April 24th & May 1st meeting or you can contact Mr. Moncier (jrmoncier@comcast.net) if you plan to attend.

Meet @ PEPC by 5pm, Friday May 4th.  Please eat dinner before arriving, we will not be cooking the first night.  Please bring medical forms.  NO MEDICAL FORM – NO CAMPING!!!!!

Contact Mr. Moncier for further information – jrmoncier@comcast.net

Pioneer Trails District Winter Klonderee

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Winter Adventure



Pioneer Trails District

Winter Klonderee

February 24, 25, & 26, 2012

Camp Tahosa – Ward, CO

Contact Mr. Bender @  kang0228@comcast.net

Plan now to continue the 2nd Century of Scouting by being among the “FROZEN CHOZEN”!!!!  It will be a Klonderee Adventure you won’t soon forget!

There’s cold in them thar hills!!

And you best plan to be there . . .else you’ll miss out on the winter adventure of a lifetime!

We will go

We will love it


We will become



Pioneer Trails District Winter Klonderee

Feb 24-26, 2012

Camp Tahosa

Scouts will be ‘Beating the Freeze’ for winter adventure as they participate in some Freezing Fun events to include: Extreme Freeze Fishing,  Frozen Noze Hockey, Frozen Toe Snowshoeing & BeyondSlaying the Frozen Barr Muzzleloader Shootout (13 years and older Scouts with an additional $3 fee)(Limit of 10 boys per hour. Fee must be paid by February 10, 2012 to get a slot, first paid, first slotted until all slots are filled),  Tahosa Freeze Cross-Country Ski Trek (Slots are limited to 15 boys per two hour session with an additional $3 fee per boy, skis and guides are provided. Fees must be paid by February 10, 2012 to get a slot. A Cross Country Ski race will take place at the end of the day),  Freeze Kneez Orienteering Challenge with an optional Snowshoeing Orienteering Competition,  Freeze Zone Sled Race,  and Sailing on the Freeze Competition.

  • Come early on Friday the 24th and receive instruction on building your own Quinzee/Igloo Snow Shelter (Class starts at 4pm). Individual and Patrol/Troop Awards will be given for all Races and Competitions. Special recognition will also be given for specific activities.

Backpacking to Upper Cataract Lake UPDATE!!

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Leaving Saturday morning, Sep 10th, works for more people that leaving Friday night, soooo, that’s what we’ll do.  We’re getting a good list going with both boys and parents.  IF you are interested in a little backpacking up to an alpine lake and can go up with us, let me know by Sunday.  

A little more info.  (See orig email for more).  More info and packing list to follow…..  

 NEW – MEET AT LINCOLN PARK AND RIDE AT 6:00 FOR A 6:15 SHARP DEPARTURE.  Breakfast at MacD’s is optional.  Healthy Breakfast is recommend.    
It’s about a 2 1/2 hours drive up to the head trail of Upper Cataract Lake.  Silverthorne exit, down Hwy 9.  Next exit to the trail head is by Green Mountain Reservoir.    

About a 6 mile hike, 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours depending on if we stop at Surprise Lake and have lunch.  It’s not going to be a race 

Like getting ready for the 14er hike, start during water and eating bananas now. 

Be at the next Troop meeting 1/2 hour early.  Boys in PLC, we’ll need to work something out..

Want to know more of what Upper Cataract Lake looks like?  Check out these new pictures I found:


 Richard Moncier 

Backpacking to Upper Cataract Lake

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Join us on Troop 88’s backpacking trip to Upper Cataract Lake in the Eagle Nest Wilderness Area!  The trailhead is about 22 miles from exit 205 off I-70, north of Silverthorne.  We will do about a six mile back country hike with a stop halfway up for lunch at Surprise Lake.  We’ll depart PEPC at 5:30PM Sharp on Friday, Sep 9th and car camp at the Lower Cataract Lake campground for the night.  We’ll stop along the way for dinner.  After a nice breakfast, we’ll backpack up the lake for a day of fishing and exploring.  We’ll head back down Sunday, Sep 11th mid-morning.  After ditching our backpacks, and if we have the energy, we’ll hike around Lower Cataract Lake and see the Cataract Falls.   

More on the hike and the route we will take, check out this really cool Blog-photo journal some scouts- age boys made. (Hint: They caught about 55 fish; most were Brook Trout, COOL!)  http://cooutdooradventures.blogspot.com/2010/07/upper-cataract-lake-for-many-years-i.html

If you’re interested, plz reply to jrmoncier@comcast.net by this Sunday.  (IF YOU SIGNED UP LAST MEETING, PLZ RE-SIGN UP as I want to know if you are still interested).  Moms and/or dads are welcome and needed.  The amount of boys we can take WILL depend on the number of seats we have and the number of VOLENTEER PARENTS we have.  First come, first serve, with the boys signing up last meeting at the top of the list.  I’m hoping to see some of the older boys and some Venturing Crew attend and share their outdoor skills.  Right up their alley!

We will meet little before at our next Troop meeting at 6:00 on Sept 6th.  It will be a quick meeting with a lot of info, so don’t be late!  Also bring your Medical Form.  We will go over packing and break our group into “buddy” patrols.   I will send out a packing list in the next few days along with directions and a map for the boys to print out.

Cost:  $5.00 Use Fee, (but I’ll not sure if that’s per car or per person, or per day, I’ll let you know),  Dinner on the way up.  Breakfast that we’ll cook together Sat morning.  Scouts will pair up for Sat dinner and Sun breakfast.  Each scout will pack a lunch for the hike up on Sat and back down on Sun.  Snacks and gas money for the drivers.  

Cool Beans!!

Richard Moncier

Peaceful Valley Camping information

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Good Evening Parents,

My name is Jim Rooney and I will be you son’s Scoutmaster at camp. My apologies for the delay in sending this communication.

This message is intended for parents of Scouts attending Camp Dietler at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch June 26 – July 2nd.  The contents of this email will significantly affect your son’s experience and enjoyment of summer camp, so please read this message in its entirety.

This email contains information on:

Parent/Adult Supervision Needed Drivers to and from camp needed Camp departure and return information
Scouts with special needs Medical Forms (BSA) Medications at camp
Most Common Forgotten of Overlooked Scout Supplies Packing for Camp Swim Check (Last Chance Before Camp!)
Additional Questions?    

Attachments to this message include:

  • Camp Dietler Leaders Guide (2011) – specific information about Camp Dietler, preparation and equipment needed, and you son’s experience there.
  • Camp Dietler Map – we will be at the Caribou camp site
  • BSA Medical Form – parts A, B and C must be completed and sent to (electronic) or given to me prior to departure for camp. Note that Part C requires a medical professional signature and physical.
1.  Parent/Adult Trip Attendance REQUIRED – We are bringing 38 scouts to summer camp this year! While this is a sign of a great troop, in order to properly supervise a group this size we need adults to coach and mentor the young, still learning patrol leaders through cooking, chores, and delegation and accountability of responsibilities.  A 1:10 ratio of adults to scouts is required.  As of today we still need adult volunteers. (This puzzles the troop leadership, as usually there is a waiting list for adults to attend.  Camp is fun!  Moms and Dads – we have WiFi!

Please see this link (http://goo.gl/C2AsG) for a current signup roster of adults.

As you can see, we lack sufficient adults for daytime programs (which really breaks down into breakfast supervision and departure from camp, hanging out in the leader lounge or watching merit badge programs, then accounting for scouts as they return for dinner) and just a few additional nighttime adults needed (supervising dinner, quiet time, sleeping on-site, and then breakfast).

The consequences of insufficient adults on-site at camp may include:

  • Boys and their patrols will be disorganized, will miss or be late to merit badge programs.
  • Meal preparation and cooking will suffer. Food quality will be poor.
  • Leadership development (within the “Patrol Method”) will not meet the expectations of parents or the troop leadership.
  • Camp Scoutmaster’s attention to scout and patrol issues (homesickness, behavior or discipline issues, general counseling) will not be sufficient (because he will be attending to supervision instead).
  • We may have to keep more boys together on Outpost, resulting in a crowded “backcountry” experience.
  • As a LAST RESORT – we may have to cancel a few boy’s summer camp registration in order to stay within BSA youth protection and health & safety rules.
Please contact me immediately if you can help out – scouts@comcast.net

2. Drivers Needed – We have 38 scouts attending camp and to my knowledge only seven (7) drivers. Please let me know if you can help drive scouts to/from camp – scouts@comcast.net  Hitchhiking to camp = not a pretty sight.  🙂

3. Summer Camp Departure and Return Information –

  • Departure Info:  We will depart PEPC promptly at NOON on Sunday, June 26th.  Please arrive 30 minutes early for equipment checkout, paperwork and attendance, and loading into vehicles. Early is the norm, on-time (Noon) is LATE, missing our departure time is unacceptable.
  • Return Info:  We will depart Peaceful Valley promptly at 10am on Saturday, July 2nd. We expect to return to PEPC by 11:30am.  Please be at PEPC by that time. Scouts trying to hitchhike home after 6 days in the dust and dirt of Colorado = again, not a pretty sight.  🙂
4.  Scouts With Special Needs – Please let me know if you have a scout with special needs (physical, emotional or mental). As a father of a special needs child, I am both sensitive to and understanding of the extra time and effort needed to enable that scout to not only enjoy summer camp but to prosper. That is the very reason we have them in Scouting. Please also consider spending the first day at camp with us to assist your son (and help and advise me) with settling in.

5.  BSA Medical Form REQUIRED – The BSA medical form (with parts A, B, and C completed) are required for ALL scouts attending summer camp at Peaceful Valley. No exceptions are permitted. Scouts arriving at PEPC on June 26th without a medical form on file with me (paper or electronic) will not be allowed to depart with the troop. I will notify those parents of scouts from whom I have not received a medical form within a few days. I am sorry for the harshness of this policy, but both BSA and the Colorado Department of Health are unbending on this policy.  Click here for a copy of the current BSA medical form in an easy, form-fillable PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.

(Note – adult volunteers staying less than 72 hours (3 days) at PV need only to complete themselves (no physical needed) parts A and B of the form.)

6.  Medications at Summer Camp – ALL medications (prescription and over-the-counter), required to be taken by your scout must be listed on their medical form, be in their original pharmacy container, be current (not expired) and be presented to me prior to departure from PEPC. (This is a State of Colorado, Dept of Human Services, Child Care Division regulation.)

7.  Most Common Forgotten of Overlooked Scout Supplies – sunscreen, water bottle (or hydration pack – highly recommended), backpack (for Outpost camping), bug repellent, money for the trading post (snack bar, clothing items, camp necessities, toiletries and souvenirs), spending money (in a wallet or ziploc bag with your name) for merit badge and activity fees (see below), towel for aquatics activities, broad brim hat, rain gear.  PLEASE review the list of recommeded personal equipment needed (see page 31-32 of the Camp Dietler Leader Guide)

Merit Badge Fees (pay at headquarters)
Cinematography – $25 Climbing – $10
Cycling – $5 Pottery – $5
Horsemanship – $30 Photography – $10
Rifle – $10 Shotgun – $15
Cooking – $10 Finger Printing – $3
Pioneering – $5 Archery – $5 + $8 kit

Activities Fees (pay at headquarters)
Peaceful Valley Adventure – $25 Horses Trail Ride – $15
Discovery SCUBA – $30 Horses Dinner Ride – $25
10 Rifle Shots – $2 3 Shotgun Shots – $2

Merit Badges Requiring Kits (buy from trading post)
Archery ($8) Basketry (Need 2 kits, $10-$20)
Space Exploration ($10-$20) Woodcarving (Need 2 kits, $10-$20)
Leatherwork (Need 2 kits, $10-$20) Indian Lore ($10-$15)

8.  Packing for Camp – A duffle bag works great for camp. Putting everything needed in the duffle bag make loading and unloading fast and easy. Remember that a backpack will be needed for Outpost camping on Wednesday night.

9.  Last Call for Swim Checks – Getting your swim checks before camp eliminates having to wait in line an extended period for a camp swim check before being allowed to swim, canoe or sail. The last swim checks will be held:

  • Friday, 6/17 at Parker Rec Center (pool) from 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Sunday, 6/19 at Parker Rec Center (pool) from 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Additional swim checks MAY be held at Canterbury pool. Stay tuned for additional emails from Mr Townsend for more info.

10. Any Additional Questions?  Most remaining questions can be answered by reading the PV Parent Info Packet and/or the Camp Dietler Leader Guide. I would be happy to answer any questions that these two (rather comprehensive) guides contain.

Finally, I am very excited and pleased to be able to serve as your Camp Scoutmaster this summer. I look forward to meeting and getting to know your boys. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve your son’s camp experience this summer.

Yours in Scouting,

Jim Rooney
Assistant Scoutmaster – Troop 88
10138 Granite Hill Drive, Parker CO 80134
h: 720-842-1627
m: 703-980-0353  (will work at camp)

Tahosa Camping Information

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First, please do a “Reply” to this e-mail immediately so I know who got it and who did not.
Second, I’m just guessing on a lot so all the e-mails were left open so people who know more than I do can “Reply all” if appropriate.  This can be a conversation.
Third, will those who are driving let me know the number of seats you have available, please be sure you have a current insurance card with you.
Fourth, we will be leaving from PEPC at 10:00 am on Sunday the 19th of June.  (the time is a recent change)
Some notes:
1.  Boys MUST have completed medical forms in order to leave PEPC headed for camp.
2.  Boys MUST wear their Class A scout shirt while in  route to and from camp.
3.  If there are any boys who have special medical, dietary or others needs or requirements please call me at the phone number below.  All information will remain confidential.  In the past, years ago, I have been the medical officer for camp in another state.  My EMT license has long expired but I haven’t exactly forgotten everything, but I really would like to know what to watch for.
4.  The boys will be eating in the dining hall.  There will be some snacks provided and the boys may bring some stuff but they will have to be prepared to “bear-proof” it.
5.  I understand there is a camp store so the boys may want some spending change.  The leaders cannot be responsible for it.  In my past life I limited the boys to a max of $20.  That did not include costs for merit badges they had signed up for.
The philosophy:  In discussion with Mr. Souza his objective with this camp is to prepare the boys for longer term camps and backpack trips.  For that reason he is encouraging the boys to pack and prepare as if they were going on a weeklong back pack trip.  This would mean that they probably would not be brining cabin tents, cots, foot lockers, PS3 and the TV.  This is not a mandatory requirement however this is the intent and the direction he is trying to go, also get them away from the “car camp” mentality.  This is also then something that they should be working out with their patrol for the camp, e.g. two boys in the same tent one brings the tent the other some other shared item.  There will be hikes but no overnight camps away from the main camp.  (I will confess that I will be bringing the cabin tent, cot, chuck box, etc. etc.  That’s what it takes to get me out these days.)
Boys should bring; this list is not complete but some suggestions that may be different from the normal, whatever that is.
1.  There are water activities so swim suit, towel and probably some form of footwear appropriate to such an activity.
2.  There will be hikes so boys should have at least a fanny pack or small day pack, they should probably have it with them all the time anyway.
3.  Water, the boys should have water with them at all times.
4.  Sun protection to include hats, ointment or lotion, possibly sun glasses.
5.  Socks, please tell them to change socks daily!!  (those that need it please bring deodorant)
6.  There are showers, we will encourage the boys to use them, I suspect they will be cold showers, would you please encourage the boys to use them, we will encourage them anyway!
7.  It will get cold at night and it is Colorado so we could get a foot of snow and rain could almost be a certainty, Be Prepared.
8.  Ticks were always a problem in Florida, I don’t know if that is true here but tell the boys how to check themselves for ticks.
9.  Bring some sort of chair for sitting around camp fire, table etc.  I do not know if we have tables or benches in camp.
10.  When sleeping on the ground have a pad or air mattress of some sort, you can lose more heat to the ground than the air.
OK, let me know what I have forgotten.
Eric W. Freund
In addtion:

Hello to everyone going to Tahosa, I am also going to be helping Mr Souza out next week. For those of you interested I am going to be teaching the Wilderness Survival  Merit Badge during out down/free time at camp. If you want to take the class and get the MB please bring your worksheet, pen/pencil, your survival kit (#5) and a space blanket if you have one. Also plan on spending one night in a “improvised natural shelter” (Thus the space blanket). If you have any other gear that could help us survive (flint/steel, signal mirror, fire starter, satalite phone, etc.) please bring it so that we cant play/practice/learn it. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
Steve Johnson

Vedauwoo Climbing Weekend

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Vedauwoo Cliimbing and Family Camping Weekend is May 27th – 30th.  Come to begin your climbing Merit Badge or learn how to climb and have a fun time with your family.  Mr. Bender and Mr. Krey, our own certified trained climbing instructor will be there.  All climbing supplies are supplied through the troop.



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Pre Klonderee-get ready for Klonderee(Bender/Krey)

Activities to practice for Klonderee
Will include lunch
Sat Feb 19 9am – 3:30pm Mountain Time
Mr. Lutz’s house (in Parker-West side)

Pioneer Trails Klonderee(Bender/Krey)

Camp Alexander, Near C.Springs
$8.00 for Adults & Scouts (See Mrs. Wilhelm to pay)
Fri Feb 25 6pm – Sun Feb 27, 2011 11am Mountain Time
Camp Alexander-near C.Springs (map)

***Peaceful Valley – Urgent****

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All medical forms were due last week for PV; please make sure you are up to date. No medical form, no camp. PV will meet at PEPC at 11:30 (eat before, bring money for Sonic or pack a sack lunch). No lunch will be served at Dietler, just dinner If you don’t meet at PEPC, plan on meeting at the Dietler parking lot at 1:00 P.M. Wear class A’s. Remember to bring a daypack for Outpost (10 essentials)

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