New Advancment Guidelines Posted

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The new BSA Guidelines to Advancement have been updated and posted! You can find this information under the Advancements Page.


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Register online now for the Pioneer Trails District Training being held in October. Please note that this training is being held at the LDS Mainstreet Building in Parker just East of downtown Parker. Register online at the district calendar! 

This training is for all Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity, and Venturing Leaders.  There is even training for the committees so this training covers all of the positions.  Signup now online!  Walk-ins are welcome to attend.


The training this Saturday is at the LDS Mainstreet Building in Parker.  Map.


Registration and Check-In begin at 7:30am when the doors open.  Class begins at 8:00am sharp.  The schedule is full and busy  so please be on time because partial credit can’t be given for showing up for only part of the class.  Cub Scouts are scheduled to end by 12:00pm and Boy Scouts, Varsity, and Venturing are slated to go a little longer.  

Mandatory Training

Many questions are going around with training and what is and is not required for training.  Please feel free to contact Jim Rooney with any questions regarding training.

Please feel free to look at these resources to help answer questions:

University of Scouting

This is a wonderful opportunity to gain additional insight into many areas of Scouting.  It is a wonderful day filled with supplemental trainings.  Register Online.


Changes in Dues & Scout Accounts

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Troop 88,

 I’m Dave Garin,, Troop 88’s Treasurer.  I wanted to make you aware as a committee the Troop will be making some changes to dues structure starting effective immediately.  The new policies are as follows:

 ·  Monthly Dues have been eliminated.  Instead the dues will be $60 annual due on February 1st (or prorated based on join date) or as an option dues can be paid quarterly at a rate of $25 which will be due February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st

  • ·  All new registrations and transfer scouts will be required to pay dues and registrations at the time they join.
  • ·  To be re-chartered with the Troop registration fees will also be due on February 1st.  I believe this will remain the same as last year of $15 ($27 if boys life is added), but I will let you know for sure when we get closer to registration.
  • ·  All scouts who currently have unpaid dues will need to have one of three things happen.  Either by next meeting (September 20th) pay the dues by cash, check, or request a deduction from your scout account.  If no request is made I will automatically deduct dues from the scout accounts after next meeting.  If no payment is received and no money is available in the scout accounts the scouts will lose their privileges for earning merit badges, rank advancements, and attending Troop activities, such as camping.
  • Prior to requesting a Scoutmaster conference/Board of Review the boys will be required to visit me first to have me initial their book.  If they do not have their books signed off as being in good standing with the troop they will not be permitted to advance.

 I know this seems a little harsh, but we have been having problems receiving timely payments and ultimately the administration has become excessive and unsustainable so these changes are necessary.  Troop 88 is an extremely strong troop with a top notch program.  We want to make sure this program can continue at or exceed current levels for the years to come.  So in advance I appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

 As a reminder Troop 88 has four active fundraisers to help you meet these financial obligations.  Popcorn sales are going on currently for the next few weeks.  Last year our boys made $3,640 last year off just popcorn sales.  Wreath sales will also be starting up shortly and last year put $525 in the pockets of our boys.  As always King Soopers cards are available and reward the scouts at a rate of 5% of purchases at King Soopers on a monthly basis.  Our boys have earned about $650 a month on King Soopers so far this year.  Let’s of course not forget House of Fear.  The boys will have an option for either community service hours or their time to be as a fundraiser.  We had 3 other fundraisers this year that our boys earned a total of $3,043.  That totals to fundraisers that went directly to scout accounts for the last 12 months of approximately $15,000 (That’s $150 per boy on average).  Troop 88 does fundraisers almost entirely for the benefit of our boys so they will have no problems paying for dues or camps.  Take advantage of these opportunities and teach your boys they can pay their own way.  It’s a life lesson that they will thank you for later. 


 David Garin,
Treasurer,  Troop 88

Adult BSA Training Links

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Hello Parents!

As promised, I am including below, the training links for those of you who are interested…
Youth Protection (required for all adults with Scout contact…) :
And Adult Training:
Anyone can create a user account and take the training classes.  
Any questions, feel free to contact me.  
Vince Decker
Committee Chairman,
Troop 88, Parker CO

All Scouts & Adult Leaders – IT’S RECHARTER TIME!!!

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Please contact Mrs. Wilhelm BEFORE FEBRUARY 1 on your intent of staying with Troop 88.
Scouts $27, may come out of your scout account if you wish.
Adult Leaders $15


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Do you take pictures at our scouting events? Then we need you! We have a place to upload photos that are then feed to our Troop 88 website. It’s simple and easy to use. Please contact Susan at for details on how to access our photo library!

Medical Forms

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The Palmer Lake Backpack trip is fast approaching and I need a little information from all of you going.

1st – I need a current Class 1 Medical Form for all participants. This is the one with ONLY a parent’s signature. I need this for both Scouts and Adults.

NOTE: I am trying to locate the Medical Forms book so we do not need to keep asking again for each activity. If anyone knows where the book is I would appreciate a call.

2nd – For adults I need to complete a Trip Request form with the Boy Scouts so we can be covered by the BSA insurance on our trip. This means I need the Name and Driver’s License number, Auto Insurance Company and parameters of coverage: 90k, 300k, 100k Etc….

If you are uncomfortable sending me this info via email please give me a call this weekend. I need to have enough information to show we have enough cars to transport all the kids safely.

Thanks – Brad Johnston


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This is Michael B., of Troop 88, he is playing Taps at Dr. Rosnik’s funeral. Dr Rosnik brought Boy Scouts to Parker way back when and was the founding father of Troop 16. He was remembered for his Bugle. Dr Rosnik was a Silver Beaver recipient.

Volunteer for Adventure Base 100!!!!

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Hey Troop 88, Adventure Base 100 will be in Denver at the Taste of Colorado September 3rd – 6th, 2010!!!!!!

Millions of people will be able to witness and experience Scouting like never before! Created specifically for the 100th Anniversary, Adventure Base 100 will tour the country to give people an exciting, hands-on view of the history and future of the Boy Scouts of America.

If you would like to volunteer to assist at Adventure Base 100, sign up now!

Go to the following link & sign up:

“Dirty Jobs” – Mike Rowe – Website! Check it Out!

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Go to:

Did you know that “Dirty Jobs” Mike Rowe is an Eagle Scout?

Check out his website!

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