Events for the rest of November

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  • TLT is on 9-10 december. It will be held at pepc in the normal place that we have troop meeting
  • We have a Webelos night on the 15th of november. We will be doing knots, making rope, and making neckerchief slides.

10-06-15 Scribe Notes

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We also welcome our new Senior Leaders for this 6th month term!

     New Patrol Leaders remember you are required to:
          Send patrol notes, Notify APL, SPL, and MR. Schmidt if you miss a PLC, attend every
          PLC, and to have regular patrol meetings. Good luck to you all!!
Remember that we now are required to wear our neckerchiefs for the next 6 months
     Okpik is here and while more details are to come here is what we know-
         13 year olds and up and must be at least First Class
          And you must let Mrs. Grubb know that you will be there BY FRIDAY
27th of October there will be a mask contest, more details to come
And Finally thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make the Court of Honor possible!!!


09-22-15 Scribe Notes

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The Court of Honor is Sunday at Bayou Gulch Park next to Sagewood Middle School. There is a sign up genius already out to sign up for bringing desserts and sides, we will start at noon. Be sure to bring lawn chairs. Please  also wear full class A uniform including sash!
We have a new bugler!!!! Thank you Ted Murphy it has been a while since we had a bugler at any of our meetings.
9/29 –  Troop fun night. This is a fith Tuesday, making it a fun night. Look for an email from Ranger Patrol for the activity. Details to come.
Here are the results of tonight’s election:
SPL is Zach Miller.
ASPL’s are Andrew Schmidt and Spencer Stearns.
Quartermaster is Bo Tomsic
Scribe is Reyley Paynter
Librarian is Will Westfall
Bugler is Ted Murphy
Chaplains aid is Brian Rooney
Webmaster is Eli Brown
Historian is undecided at the moment. If you want this job you will have to explain this job Mr. Schmidt and find a way to make the job different from webmaster. One suggestion from Mrs. Grubb was for someone to gather up old photos and make slidshows for future events.
Mr. Brown did a beat the leader challenge on showmanship. They all told jokes and riddles. Mr.Brown won (secretly Trace won).
Mr. Stearns has extra copies of the books and patches that were given out at camporee. See him if you didnt get yours.

09-15-15 Scribe Notes

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9/18 – Camporee is this weekend! Look for an email with details from Mr. Steans. If you have not already turned med forms with andendum or fees, you MUST bring these on Friday when you meet at PEPC. Arrive at PEPC at 5pm. We are leaving at 5:30pm. Everyone including adults need a day pack with ten essentials. We are NOT going the main gate at PV, there will be directions given when we meet at PEPC on Friday. As always – Scouts should wear Class A to travel.
9/22 – Troop Elections coming up. Get your resumes in to Mr. Schmidt if youre going for a leadership position.
9/27 – Fall Court of Honor. Tonight (9/15) was the deadline for the turn of rank advancement or merit badges. Families will be asked to bring dessert or a side dish. Burgers and Hotdogs will be provied. Location: Bayou gulch regional park next to Sagewood Middle School. Look for an email from Mr. Schmidt coming soon.
Mr Stearns met with everyone to go over camporee.
Mr. Yost asked all MB counsilers to renew their paperwork. T88 needs counsilers, see Mr. Yost if you can help.
Mr. Schmidt welcomed some visiting Webelos II’s and their families.
Mr Schmidt also reminded everyone that Camporee is gonna be amazing! It’s also going to be crowded! (over 5000 scouts not including adults) BE FLEXIBLE anythign that you miss out on due to the line being to long or anythign of that nature can be done with the troop here in Parker in the future.
Many thanks to the 4 who attended the OA activities last weekend This weekend we came in fourth which is better than last years last place!!

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