Venture Crew Shooting Day

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Dylan and I attended this event Sunday at the Lockheed Martin gun range.  For some reason, most left at noon.  No lines, all day shooting, they were giving us ammo by the box!  Shotgun, rifle, pistol and black powder.  Definitely on the schedule for the future!

Venture crew Pool Session

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Learning the eskimo roll

Venture Updates

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Members of Crew 88,

Here are the next 10 events that we are considering enjoying.

Nov 14)  Mr. Cable will be attending training for Venture Crew Advisors.  It would be ideal for the officers to attend the training for their positions on this same day if they are available.

Nov 21) Kyle H. Eagle Project.  Everyone please plan to help Kyle.  (Q’s?  Ask Kyle!)

Nov 22) Eagle Court of Honor for Wes D., 1:30pm, PEPC.

Dec 15) Troop 88 Christmas party.  Eat some cookies!

Dec 19) Go skiing at Copper Mtn?  School will be out then.  I’m looking for details about how to get the discounted tickets ahead of time.

Dec 31) If you want to work at PV (or Tahosa!) next summer, get your application turned in before Jan 1!

Jan 2) Broomball hockey.  9pm, South Suburban Hockey rink (where it always is)(Let me know if you need a flyer for more details.)

Jan 9) Snowsnake Rendevous.

Feb 7) Superbowl party.

Mar 5-7) Okpik!   (If you need some warm clothes, and insulated boots and such, BE SURE to let Santa know!)

Steve Cable

Crew 88 Tubing the Yampa on July 11th

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Members and Friends of Crew 88,

As we discussed at the last crew meeting, we have an opportunity and an interest to go tubing on the Yampa river through Steamboat Springs the weekend of July 11th.

You will recall we previously planned to go this weekend on June 27th, until we learned that tubing is not allowed until the water drops to 600 CFS. The gauge at shows it hasn’t even dropped below 1,000 CFS yet, so that was a good decision to reschedule for July 11th.

I have reserved 4 campsites at Steamboat Lake State Park for July 10-12 for our trip to go tubing on the Yampa on July 11th. We can put 6 people in each site, so there is room for 24 to start with. There are still a few sites left if we need more later, and I needed to at least get a reservation for those. I hope that is OK.

Steamboat Lake State Park is a little north of Steamboat Springs. It’s a beautiful lake where we can enjoy kayaking and fishing the rest of the time when we aren’t tubing the Yampa. The alternative at Stagecoach Lake was out in the barren sagebrush, and the areal photographs just were NOT appealing. I admit that Steamboat Lake is farther out of town, but it should be a lot better.

I’ll need another adult, and we’ll need adult drivers, so, parents, this is a fabulous opportunity to enjoy scouting in the summertime. (OR, do you want to hold out for that frozen winter-camping Klondoree torture weekend?)

Tube rental is $17. (See also We’ll want to make a budget for the campsites, food, and maybe some gas support at the next meeting.

Will you be interested to join us?
Please let me know, and I’ll get a list started.

And/or let me know if I can talk about that more.
Steve Cable

Venture Crew 88 – Fulford Cave Article

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Venture Crew 88 – Fulford Cave Article
by Steve Cable

Venture Crew 88 explored Fulford Cave last weekend. On Friday evening we drove over to the campground/parking lot/trail head at a place called Yeoman Park. It is about 20 miles south of Eagle, which is a little past Vail. The moon was full, and we enjoyed staying up late around the campfire eating marshmallows and talking.

On Saturday, we fortified ourselves with a high-carbohydrate breakfast of muffins and instant potatoes. We hiked about 2 miles up to the cave. The last few hundred yards was steep, and the snow was deep, so we were glad to finally reach the entrance of the cave.

You have to crawl through a culvert for about 10 yards to get into the cave. After we assembled on the inside, somehow the adults became uninformed and unaware (even more than normal), so it was the responsibility of the crew members to find their way.
We found a neat looking ice column that went from the ceiling to the floor. We went through the Big Meander. We went up the Devils Washboard. We scrambled over rocks in the Breakdown room. Breakdown is caving jargon for big blocks of rock that fall from the ceiling. But for us, the Breakdown room was where we lost all sense of direction.

We spent about the next hour and half seriously lost. We had a map, and it made no sense to us at all. We could find passages to squeeze through, and we tried to avoid dropping into big pits, but it was hard to tell if we were on the right track or not. At one point, we were at a dead end with no obvious way forward. John and Kyer scouted ahead to see if they could squeeze through some little hole in front of them, and a minute later they popped out behind us. We were trying to follow a stream, and the map said it flowed west, but the compass said it was flowing east. [Note to Crew: EVERYONE needs their own compass!] We had to keep our wits about us.

Honestly, the cave was starting to seem pretty big, dark, and quiet to us, and we were starting to wonder if we would ever get out of there. The crew members back-tracked a little bit, and soon enough they found another passage we hadn’t tried yet. Eventually that let us back to the Big Meander, the culvert, and sunshine. It took us 3 hours to go about 1 mile altogether, and we still had lots of places left to explore. It was a great day. We all thought this is one of the coolest things we have ever done.

Many thanks for Jason Laster and Stephen Trivett for helping lead this trip.

Pictures from the Camp Out can be seen here