Treasure Notes

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money Our treasure – Mrs. Wilhelm has King Soopers gift certificates for sale: for every $100.00 purchased the youth earns $5.00 for his scout account. An easy way to earn money for scouting activities.

Dues must be current by summer camp: $5.00/month.
Peaceful Valley Summer camp final payment of $70.00 is due on 05/19/09. The total cost is $210.00.
Boundary Waters final payment of $150.00 is past due unless prior arrangements have been made with me. The projected total cost there is $800.00.
And unless someone else (Mr. Jerry Davis or Mr. Randy Davis) has mentioned it, we need more adults to come help with the Peaceful Valley camp-June 28 to July 4: even if they can only come down for a day or two. There are 37 boys signed up right now and for more than half, this is their first week long away camp. We need the adult supervision. Please contact either Jerry or Randy Davis and include their phone numbers.

Mrs. Wilhelm

Troop Scribe Notes – May 26th

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Troop 88 Meeting Notes, May 26th

New Eagles:
Jake R.

30th – Zac R. Eagle Court of Honor at 4:30, at PEPC

2nd – Regular Meeting
(Program: F&I Dragons Service: Frogs Skit: Bats Game: Patriots)
4th – Roundtable and OA Meeting
7th – Daniel C. Court Of Honor
13-21st – Boundary Waters
16th – Regular Meeting ( Jake H. will be SPL )
(Program: Patriots Service: F&I Dragons Skit: Frogs Game: Bats)
23rd – Regular Meeting
(Program: Rattlesnakes Service: Patriots Skit: F&I Dragons Game: Frogs)
28-July 4th – PV Summer Camp
30th – Troop Fun Night

PLC meetings will now be held on the FIRST Tuesday of every month from 6:00 to 6:25
Committee Meetings (Parents ONLY) will still be held the Second Tuesday of Every month in the Garage.

-Class A w/ Scarf must be worn to meetings
-APPROVED pants Attire: Blue Jeans, Khakis, Scout pants, Jean shorts, Khaki shorts, or Scout Shorts – NO Bermuda shorts or sweat pants.
-HATS: Hats are to be worn PROPERLY!!! ***BOY SCOUT HATS ONLY INSIDE THE CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!***
(Each violation of Class A will be 10 push-ups (without good reason) and 20 push ups for a missing scarf (Without good reason))
ADDED: If you take off somebody else’s scarf, it will result in 20 Push-ups, too.

Your Scribe,
Dustin B.

Venture Crew 88 – Fulford Cave Article

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Venture Crew 88 – Fulford Cave Article
by Steve Cable

Venture Crew 88 explored Fulford Cave last weekend. On Friday evening we drove over to the campground/parking lot/trail head at a place called Yeoman Park. It is about 20 miles south of Eagle, which is a little past Vail. The moon was full, and we enjoyed staying up late around the campfire eating marshmallows and talking.

On Saturday, we fortified ourselves with a high-carbohydrate breakfast of muffins and instant potatoes. We hiked about 2 miles up to the cave. The last few hundred yards was steep, and the snow was deep, so we were glad to finally reach the entrance of the cave.

You have to crawl through a culvert for about 10 yards to get into the cave. After we assembled on the inside, somehow the adults became uninformed and unaware (even more than normal), so it was the responsibility of the crew members to find their way.
We found a neat looking ice column that went from the ceiling to the floor. We went through the Big Meander. We went up the Devils Washboard. We scrambled over rocks in the Breakdown room. Breakdown is caving jargon for big blocks of rock that fall from the ceiling. But for us, the Breakdown room was where we lost all sense of direction.

We spent about the next hour and half seriously lost. We had a map, and it made no sense to us at all. We could find passages to squeeze through, and we tried to avoid dropping into big pits, but it was hard to tell if we were on the right track or not. At one point, we were at a dead end with no obvious way forward. John and Kyer scouted ahead to see if they could squeeze through some little hole in front of them, and a minute later they popped out behind us. We were trying to follow a stream, and the map said it flowed west, but the compass said it was flowing east. [Note to Crew: EVERYONE needs their own compass!] We had to keep our wits about us.

Honestly, the cave was starting to seem pretty big, dark, and quiet to us, and we were starting to wonder if we would ever get out of there. The crew members back-tracked a little bit, and soon enough they found another passage we hadn’t tried yet. Eventually that let us back to the Big Meander, the culvert, and sunshine. It took us 3 hours to go about 1 mile altogether, and we still had lots of places left to explore. It was a great day. We all thought this is one of the coolest things we have ever done.

Many thanks for Jason Laster and Stephen Trivett for helping lead this trip.

Pictures from the Camp Out can be seen here

» NEW Eagle Reference Letter

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Download the newest Eagle Reference Letter in pdf format or in Word.

» Wear your uniforms!

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The leaders of Troop 88 remind scouts to wear their uniforms at all meetings and especially Court of Honor events. If circumstances conspire to make this difficult or impossible, please come, although please don’t make a habit of not wearing your uniform. Wear your uniform proudly! This includes shirt, belt, scarf and sash.


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Check out often and see what articles / photos are being posted about Troop 88!
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* Troop 88 Presents Flag Day 6/08
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* Troop 88 helps at the annual Parker Cemetery Tour
* Troop 88’s ‘NEWEST-OLDEST’ Scout(er)!

» Online Youth Protection Training

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Anyone age 18 or over has to have completed Youth Protection Training (YPT) within the past two years. The training is easily completed online. Go to the following url:

Set-up a My Scouting Account, and then take the on-line course. After successful completion, you can print off your wallet certificate. It takes an hour, max, much less if you have been YPT trained before. Information Courtesy of Mr. Conkey

» Pioneer Trails District News

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Day Camp is June 24th – 26th at Polson Ranch. Please visit the Day Camp Page for more information and to register. For questions please contact David Gilbert (Camp Director) or Janice Gneiting (Program Director).
***Please note that the day camp dates are misprinted in the Cub Scout Camping Flyer***

Friends of Scouting
Has your unit already had a Friends of Scouting presentation? Please help spread the news that Friends of Scouting is going on and your support is greatly appreciated. Have you ever considered approaching your business to help support Scouting? Does your company do matching gifts? Please contact Pat Dannenberg to help further the Scouting Movement!

District Dinner
Thursday April 30th at the Polson Barn. Registration is online and available.
Please make sure you signup online. The Dinner costs $12 and will have a late fee of $3 that begins on April 20th. Outstanding Scout Recognition will be $6. Forms will be available for all other district recognitions on the district website.

Merit Badge College
The college will be held on May 2nd at the LDS Parker Stake Center (same location as Roundtable). Registration will be available soon online. Please visit the website to check and begin registration on the district calendar.

Scout Show
Pickup your Scout Show Cards and Reserve a Booth at March Roundtable. There will be a table for you to come by and learn more and pick stuff up. Signup now for your booth and get an addition $1 commission per card sold. The cards are awesome this year with even the Rockies participating!
The district will be giving out a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall booth award for overall all things considered in booth.

Need ideas for a booth? Look no further than some of the jobs your parents have in your unit! Consider asking a parent of a cool job to consider getting his or her company to help run a booth that can teach, be creative, and/or be fun for any Scout. Please visit the webpage on the Scout Show for more information.

Mile High Patrol Challenge
August 28, 29, 30 – An awesome event that is in its second year. It is the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt! Specifically designed to enhance the operation of a Patrol. This event is for 2nd Year Webelos, Troops, Teams, and Crews. For more information to participate, to get on the email list, or if you are interested in helping to be on staff for this event contact Dave Henshaw.
World Premiere of 759: Boy Scouts of Harlem

» Thank You Troop 88!

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I will take the liberty to tag onto the Mayor’s message and say thanks to each one of you for being there, for having the beautiful Breakfast and for the wonderful award presented to Daniel. Joe, you are one in a billion, sir, for doing this. Pat, thanks for all the work you put into it. I’ve remarked to several people that you are so incredibly generous in so many ways. The very idea that you would nominate Daniel when I know you had a dozen Eagles last year in your own unit shows a unique generosity beyond human description. I know that I was amongst a collection of very, very choice people today, absolutely as good as ever came down the chute. Daniel was absolutely thrilled by what took place. He is very reserved, but he opened up on the way to school.YIS and God Bless all.

Curt Dale
Thank you for the invite. It was an honor.

David Casiano
Mayor Town of Parker
Gentlemen, I would like to take a minute and Thank You again for attending this morning’s breakfast to honor Daniel Dale, The 2009 Douglas County Scout of the Year. It was an honor to have you in attendance and again, Thank You for your support to the Boy Scouts.

Joe Skalisky

» Troop 88 Guidelines

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All Scouts are to bring the following items to ALL Troop meetings, including PLC.

Patrol Binders: with a notepad and pen.
(for those Scouts who have them. Those who don’t, we’ll help build them one)

* Please have your Scouts file these handouts in their binders. Please start having all Patrols take attendance.
* Please start a master sign in sheet for each meeting.
* Please be ready to discuss a weekly planning calendar as to what activity, speaker, game, etc that we will have at each Troop meeting; identify any outside Patrol meetings; day excursions; campouts, District and Council activities, etc.
* Work this with the Troop master calendar as well.
* Let’s build it out three months: eg. March thru May.
* GOAL: To help run a more organized meeting with FUN! and even some learning.

Uniform Dress Code: Clean Class A shirts with current rank sewn on. Not to be crumpled, dirty, hanging out the pants…with Scarf and slide.
Pants: clean jeans, blue or black or green pants. NO sport shorts, Bermuda shorts, sweats. Baseball caps will be worn properly and not like junior gangster wanna be’s.

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