Scribe Notes 10-25-11

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Mr. Johnson talked about cold weather gear and being prepared.  Shorts in the snow isn’t really being prepared!
Mrs. Moncier held break-out sessions to go over first aid essentials.

Matt J. talked about TLT/JLT.  He will be conducting the training on December 2 and 3.  Friday night will be training and movies and DODGE BALL!  Saturday will be planning activities for the next year.  Please bring lots of great ideas for stuff to do.  Please also think about adults who can help lead the outings.

Mrs. Hendricks will be hosting a geo caching merit badge class at her house.  They are near 13 acres so there is lots of room to do the merit badge.  Andy M. and Ian H. will be helping.  Please contact her to sign up.  All requirements except 8 and 9 will be done.

Josh announced that there is an adult who has two pairs of shorts and one pair of pants free for a good home.  They are a 42 inch waist.  Josh has the contact information.

Zach announced that with the snow the maze may need repair on Thursday after school.  The maze may be very muddy and slippery so safety will be important.  Make sure to dress for the cold weather during the repair and the haunt night.  Make sure to sign up for either fixing the maze or haunting.  Make sure to also write down nights that you have worked so you get credit.

Mr. Ski reminded everyone that it is after Labor Day.  Women don’t wear white but Scouts wear scarves.  Make sure you wear your neckerchief!  He said we did a good job on flags tonight.  Great job to everyone who participated.  Everyone needs to make sure to finish their patrol flags.  Mr. Ski wants to see them all at the meetings.  He also wants us to think really hard about events for the next year to talk about at JLT.  We are the ones who make the Troop great so we need to plan good stuff.

Mr. Best was back this week.  He talked about Honor Flight and how he and Mr. Ski’s son helped with this.  Honor Flight allows military veterans to come to Washington DC to visit places like the World War II memorial, the Iwo Gima memorial and Arlington National Cemetery.  All of the veterans are treated with a hero’s salute!

Mr. Ski talked about how cool Mr. Best is for hanging out with a bunch of Private 1st Class guys since Mr. Best is a two star General!  Mr. Ski also said Mr. Best is a low key guy and it was really cool to see him in his uniform driving the Privates around in his own car.

Mr. Guard, I think, said thank you for all of the letters that the Troop wrote to his dad.  His dad was on the Honor Flight.  He also said how cool it was to see the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts welcome everyone.

Mr. Souza had extra sleeping bags and sleeping pads that he found while cleaning out.  He gave them away tonight to anyone who needed them.  Thanks Mr. Souza!!

Jack T.
Troop 88 Scribe

New Advancment Guidelines Posted

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The new BSA Guidelines to Advancement have been updated and posted! You can find this information under the Advancements Page.

Haunted Maze Facebook Page

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Hey everybody, be sure to check out the Haunted maze’s Facebook page for information, times, and location. The URL is:


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Register online now for the Pioneer Trails District Training being held in October. Please note that this training is being held at the LDS Mainstreet Building in Parker just East of downtown Parker. Register online at the district calendar! 

This training is for all Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity, and Venturing Leaders.  There is even training for the committees so this training covers all of the positions.  Signup now online!  Walk-ins are welcome to attend.


The training this Saturday is at the LDS Mainstreet Building in Parker.  Map.


Registration and Check-In begin at 7:30am when the doors open.  Class begins at 8:00am sharp.  The schedule is full and busy  so please be on time because partial credit can’t be given for showing up for only part of the class.  Cub Scouts are scheduled to end by 12:00pm and Boy Scouts, Varsity, and Venturing are slated to go a little longer.  

Mandatory Training

Many questions are going around with training and what is and is not required for training.  Please feel free to contact Jim Rooney with any questions regarding training.

Please feel free to look at these resources to help answer questions:

University of Scouting

This is a wonderful opportunity to gain additional insight into many areas of Scouting.  It is a wonderful day filled with supplemental trainings.  Register Online.


Oct. 4, 2011 Scribe Notes

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The Eagle Eyes patrol did flags and they did an awesome job.  Aaron did great with bugle.  Thank you from Mr. Ski and all of us.

Anyone who wants to sign up for Camporee still can but it costs $14 now to go to Camporee.  Talk to Mr. Bender about it.

If you aren’t going to Camporee this weekend, sign up for the Haunt nights at the maze.  Talk to Zach Sertec about that.  He’s in charge of the sign up and we need lots of people to help with that still.  If you are not 13, you can still sign up but your parent has to be there with you.  Friends and brothers and sisters can help too but they have to agree to go by the same rules as the rest of us.  Zach has sent out emails so you can email him about helping if you weren’t there tonight to sign up.

No meeting next week for the troop committee meeting – that’s the parents meeting.  Mr. Ski said if you want to be an Assistant Scoutmaster then you have to get training but parents can help on the committee too.

Mr. Ski said thank you to all of the patrol leaders who were at the PLC tonight.  He said we were prepared and did a great job taking notes and to keep it up.  He also said that the patrols should really work on their flags and he wants to see them double next week.  Then we can start having patrol competitions.  Mr. Ski reminded everyone that now that we ate the pig at the fall court of honor we need to start wearing our neckerchiefs as part of our uniform again.  Please everyone remember to wear them.

Camporee patrols were made and those who are going have things they need to get done like food shopping.  We made our menus in our patrols and made patrol leaders for Camporee.  If you are going, you know who your patrol leader is and what you need to do to get ready. 

We will meet at PEPC at 5:00 on Friday to leave for Peaceful Valley.  We will be back on Sunday before noon.  We need parents to drive.  Please tell Mr. Bender if you can help.  He sent out an email asking for parents to help drive.  I don’t want to walk to Camporee with my backpack and tent and stuff.

At the end of the meeting Josh and the assistant senior patrol leaders handed out awards to those who were not at the fall court of honor. 

Jack T.
Troop 88 Scribe