BSA Forms and Publications


Form # Form Form # Form
28-209 Boy Scout Youth Application (English) 28-501 Boy Scout Adult Application (English)
First Class Tracking Sheet 34437 Troop Resource Survey
BSA National Medical Form 34405 Merit Badge Counselor Application
Colorado Medical Form Addendum 34169-55 Progress Record for the Boy Scout Leader’s Training Award
19-673 BSA Activity Consent Form 511-054 Scoutmaster Progress Record for the Scoutmaster’s Key
Akela Award Application 512-003 Unit Leader Award of Merit Nomination Form
Boy Scout World Conservation Award Application 92-103 BSA Silver Beaver Nomination Form
34408A 50-Miler Award Application 512-102 BSA Silver Buffalo Nomination Form
34408 Historic Trails/50-miler Award application 512-105 BSA Silver Antelope Nomination Form
34435 BSA Lifeguard Application
34425 Troop Meeting Plan
25-856 Venture Leader Progress Record
34427 Unit Money-Earning Permit 25-203 Venture Youth Leadership Award Application
34403 Unit Advancement Report Venturing World Conservation Award Application
BSA Tour and Activity Plan FAQ


Form # Form Form # Form
18-748 A year-round guide to Boy Scout recruiting Manual for Chaplain Aides and Chaplain
18-260 Age-appropriate guidelines for scouting activities The Patrol Method
Building Blocks of Scouting Recruiting Venturers
33696 Campfire Program planner 34283 Uniform Inspection Sheet: Boy Scout/Varsity Scout
Climb On Safely 34284 Uniform Inspection Sheet: Male Leader
Eagle Scout: Leadership Service Project Workbook 34281 Uniform Inspection Sheet: Female Leader
34416D Guide to Safe Scouting 4439 Worksheet for building a Merit Badge Counselor List
Leave No Trace 25-309 Venturing marketing guide

Other Program information and materials

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