Popcorn Sales

It is that time of year again, time to sell some popcorn. Once again you will get 30% of your online orders, door to door, and Show n sell.

You can also sell and have popcorn shipped right to friends and family at the Trails End web site. You also get 30% of these sales.

Want a change to win a iPad?  Send your filled up popcorn order form into Denver Council for your change to win the weekly fill it up drawing. This year each week you have a chance to win a iPad. Please see attached sheet for more information.

Go to www.trails-end.com  if you have never set up an account you will need to create an account. Otherwise you can log into your account from last year and invite your friend and family to purchases popcorn by sending them an email right through Trails End site. Once they place there order it ships right to their home.

New this year the new Trail’s End mobile app!

  • Go to scouts.trails-end.com to download the mobile app to their mobile device
  • Scouts sign in to the mobile app with the account they created to sell online
  • Customers make a purchases through the mobile app. The product is shipped directly to the customer and you get credit.

Dates to know:

  • Saturday Sept 8th I will have popcorn available to be picked up for Show n sell, door to door sales, please email me your order at hhoaglin@q.com once I receive your order we can arrange a time for pick up, please include your name and a phone number.
  • October 12th if you checked out popcorn for your Show n sell / door to door sale. All your unsold popcorn is due back to me.
  • October 13th all orders are due. You can email me what popcorn you need
  • November 3rd I will have your popcorn available for pick up
  • November 17th prize selection and all money is due for popcorn

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you
Mrs. Hoaglin