Uniforms & Insignia

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Troop 88 guidelines

General appearance. Good posture, clean face and hands, hair combed, neatly dressed, clean fingernails.

Headgear. Only official Boy Scout hats are to be worn at meetings and Courts of Honor. Hats are not to be worn backwards or to the side. Other caps can be worn during campouts.

Shirt (Class A). Official long- or short-sleeved shirt with red shoulder loops on epaulets. The collar should be unbuttoned. The neckerchief is worn under the collar. Shirts should be tucked in.

Shirt (Class B). Official troop or scouting special event t-shirt (summer camp, training, etc.)

Neckerchief and slide. Insignia at back should be right side up and centered. Fold long edges over several flat folds to about six (6) inches for tip of neckerchief. Draw neckerchief slide over ends and adjust to fit snugly.

Pants/short. May wear official olive pants or may wear jeans. In either case, pants and shorts should be in good shape, no cut-offs, rips or frayed edges.

Belt. Olive web with BSA insignia on brass buckle.

Shoes. Leather or canvas, neat and clean. On campouts, hiking boots or winter boots should be worn.

Registration. It is a good idea to carry your current membership ID card (or a copy) with you.

Below are the bare minimum requirements for Class A shirts. There are many additional insignia items that you will receive and/or have requirements for as your journey through scouting continues. Be sure to refer to the uniform inspection sheets listed for each below to ensure you are properly placing your well earned insignia.

Boy Scout Class A Uniform

  • Boy Scout Khaki shirt (long or short sleeved)
  • Troop 88 neckerchief w/slide
    • This item is customized by the troop. Please see the Scoutmaster to receive your Troop 88 neckerchief.
  • Merit Badge Sash
  • Shoulder loops


Venture Scout Class A Uniform

  • Venturing short sleeve shirt


Adult Leader Class A Uniform

  • Boy Scout Khaki shirt (long or short sleeved) or Venturing shirt
  • Troop 88 neckerchief w/slide or Boy Scout bolo tie
  • Shoulder loops


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